• Phoenix Waters Launches Omnific Blockchain Studios with NFT Feature Karma

  • Phoenix Waters Productions recently unveiled its new digital entertainment studio called Omnific Blockchain Solutions.The venture partnered with Coinllectibles and Marvion to launch the studio in Hong Kong.

    Omnific Blockchain Solutions or OBS will produce and develop entertainment-based BFTs and digital assets. These also involve the crime drama Karma, consisting of several interconnected global stories curated within the blockchain.

    The studio will shoot each story in a different country based on Phoenix Waters’ short film. The venture is working with filmmakers in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the US and the UK.

    The participating companies have decided to offer the full feature films and short stories as NFTs, tokens and virtual assets.Omnific Blockchain Studio’s first project will be a music competition called Marvion’s Music Monarch.

    The event will be an NFT-exclusive competition where global artists will curate their work on the network. In addition, users will be able to vote for entries via NFT, facilitating a full NFT-based ecosystem.

    Phoenix Waters’ CEO and founder Bizhan Tong is even stepping down from his position at ATV’s production arm AMM Global in Hong Kong to join OBS.

    Tong said OBS aims to help and elevate global creators to leverage their creations in the best way possible. In addition, the platform will break down barriers and develop the next stage of entertainment.

    Tong’s vision from the beginning was to build a bridge between the West and the East. In addition, the veteran wanted to support Hong Kong’s growing entertainment industry to reach a global perspective. This is why Phoenix Waters Productions will be working with different production companies and studios across Hong Kong to facilitate this vision.

    Formerly a regional broadcaster, ATV is now a digital media company that is exiting international production. However, Tong will still be working with the venture on regionally based productions.

    Given the status of the parties involved, the project is sure to gain global exposure.

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