• PILI and VIESHOW CINEMAS enter the metaverse with the launch of Su Huan Jen NFT

  • PILI has entered the meta-universe by partnering with VIESHOW CINEMAS to launch an exclusive partnership to get an exclusive limited edition NFT when you see the Chinese New Year film “Su Huan Jen”, targeting PILI fans, NFT collectors and national film fans to rush tickets, with a box office target of 200 million.

    Filmed with an investment of 100 million , “Su Huan Jen” has the highest production budget for a Chinese New Year film this year. Members will be sent an activity code and registration website to their e-mail address on the next day after viewing the film. members must register at Jcard, which will send out NFT mystery boxes every Friday from February 4 and reveal the contents of the NFT blind box on February 14.

    The mystery box will contain a limited edition of the world’s “Exclusive Su Huan Jen NFT Action Figure”, which will be given away for free.

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