• Pinata to release new NFT privacy features for creators

  • Pinata, a multimedia hub for NFT creators and builders, has announced the launch of its newest feature, “Dive In.”

    The NFT community of creators is always looking for solutions and more advanced options for data access.Pinata’s newest concept, “Submarine,” will provide creators with an easy way to share and manage their content, accessible only to authorized users who hold NFT. The playful and symbolic word “submarine” represents the action users can take in controlling the visibility of their managed content.

    This new feature will be added to the product’s app and will be available to all users starting September 2, 2021. The feature is designed to allow users to allow access to data when storing content on IPFS of NFT files. Users will also be able to make further tweaks to these new privacy controls, such as setting the amount of time another person has access to the file, whether it’s an hour, a day or longer.

    Pinata is building the largest pinned service on IPFS to support NFT creators, builders and artists on the decentralized network. Users have the ability to upload, manage and share their content anytime, anywhere, and, share it with whoever they want.

    The company was founded in 2018 and currently has over 40,000 users. Its simple user interface is ideal for anyone who wants to store files, whether it’s images or videos, 3D files or apps, the file storage system is easily accessible without any technical background knowledge.Pinata was also created with developers in mind, providing a robust API and SDK.

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