• Pioneer of “Metaverse” art creation, Chen Jinfang’s exhibition in Taipei and simultaneous release of NFT works

  • 87-year-old painter Chen Jin-fang is at the forefront of a new trend, holding an exhibition of his paintings and simultaneously releasing NFT works, and has decided to recruit an International Honorary Board of Directors to promote the arts and help young Taiwanese develop in the United States.

    The exhibition will be held from February 19 to March 6 at the Gallery of Taipei University of Technology, featuring works from the series Meiya Taiwan, Yu Shan, Post-Fan Valley, Printmaking, Flower Expo and other representative works as well as cultural and creative products.

    The exhibition is the first time that Chen’s works are presented as both physical works and NFTs,” said Chen’s wife, Hou Xingjun, director of the exhibition. The Chen Art Building, located in New York City near Times Square in the Diamond Building, will be completed and opened in June/July this year.

    Chen Jinfang is a United Nations cultural ambassador, a French-American painter and the first translator of “The Little Prince” into Chinese. He has been reporting on European and American art exhibitions in Paris since 1964, and from 1984 to 2003, he toured Taiwan with “Art in the Countryside” exhibitions. After the emergence of computers, he proposed the concept of soulware to complement hardware and software, which can be said to be the pioneer of ‘metaverse’ art creation.

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