• PlayDapp and Infoseed distribute NFT geo-domains

  • Joonggonara, South Korea’s leading second-hand trading platform, has partnered with PlayDapp and Infoseed to sell a set of NFT geo-domains. As a result, the trio will distribute a set of prime real estate in Chongdam, Seoul’s first shopping district.

    These premium properties will represent the meta-universe of popular retail hubs, so the virtual district is connected to real real-world addresses. Owners will be able to visit specific versions of their digital realm and directly compare the virtual and physical realms.

    The 2,000 plots are up for grabs and are the subject of a series of raffles. The competition is free for Joonggonara members, however, knowledge of the Korean language may be helpful. Once owned, NFT is available for trading on all participating platforms.

    In order to receive an NFT, users must first apply for a pre-sale voucher at Joonggonara, which can then be redeemed for NFT tickets on PlayDapp. The project will leverage PlayDapp’s native blockchain technology to guarantee individual ownership, while drawing on Infoseed’s geolocation technology.

    The project, called Occupy Your Land Domain, is now live and will run until October 17. After that, your humble hosts will select 2,000 winners from the entries. Thus, all 23 million members of Joonggonara are eligible to participate.

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