• Playwith Games X PLWI NFT Airdrop Event and the Latest Revision of “Hope M”

  • Playwith Games will launch NFT on Klaytn mainnet on June 24, and collectors who love “Hope M” can purchase it from KMINT APP. PLAYWITH joined the PLWI blockchain ecosystem on June 3 this year. If you purchase NFT through PLWI, you will be able to get additional benefits from NFT for other homemade games of the “Hope IP” that will be released later.

    The contents of this NFT will be available in the public catalog at KMINT on June 23rd, and the official sales will begin on June 24th.

    The first two NFTs will be released, mainly for “Hope M”, and will represent the “Habibi Bunny” and “Punk Tree Boy” of the Lula clan in “Hope M.” Anyone who owns an NFT can get an exclusive serial number on the KMINT APP and enter it in the “Hope M” game. M” game, you will receive the NFT holder’s exclusive pet. This will be a “Hope IP” membership concept, and as long as you have a “Hope IP NFT”, you will be able to own the “Hope IP” in addition to “Hope M” and other self-made games that will be released in the future. In addition to “Hope M”, collectors will be able to have the additional ability brought by this NFT.

    Currently, a new title for the Hope IP, Seal Universe, is in development and will be released on Steam in the future.

    PLWI is currently running a week-long NFT drop campaign. The drop is an NFT drop for Hope M on the PLWI platform, and only Hope M players can participate to qualify for the drop. During the campaign period from June 14 to June 21, 10 free NFTs (5 hobbits and 5 punk trees) will be dropped for players in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

    The designated tasks include a questionnaire on NFT popularity, and the 5 Hobbit and 5 Punk Tree boys with the highest number of votes will be selected as the targets of the NFT drop.

    Hope M” has been recently updated, the collection system has been opened, some legion functions have also been opened, “experience value copy” and “coin copy” new level 2 and 3, level from 60 to 80, with the opening of the level, the corresponding new With the opening of the level, the corresponding new picture and fanatic heart.

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