• POCOLAND and Chainlink enter into partnership

  • The NFT-based play-to-earn game POCOLAND is partnered with Chainlink VRF and Chainlink Price Feeds on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) main network.

    POCOLAND has access to tamper-proof, high-quality market data through integration with Chainlink, the leading Oracle network that is decentralized in nature. This retrieved market data can be used to access real-time prices of BNB and BUSD in the NFT market. This will help users to easily and securely purchase equipment, people and all other items by using BNB and BUSD as collateral. Each transaction is backed by highly reliable and accurate conversion rates.

    Chainlink VRF helps add an element of randomness to POCOLAND’s in-game breeding mechanic. This helps ensure that every user has a fair chance to mint rare POCOs.Chainlink price feeds were initially integrated to get accurate prices for BUSD/BNB.Chainlink has a seamlessly integrated infrastructure that will facilitate time-tested production.

    Chainlink helps protect the leading DeFi protocols that are responsible for billions of dollars worth of smart contracts, maintaining strong security and proper availability even in the most unexpected situations and events, such as flash crashes or exchange downtime, or any data manipulation attack.

    Players are free to cast gear, characters or other in-game items on the POCO NFT marketplace. Players can even trade with each other to create a strong Poco team, as well as sell their assets as collateral for casting rare or epic Pocos. It has been ensured that POCOLAND is fair to all players. Here, Chainlink VRF’s random minting RNG comes into play, allowing players to win the rarest Pocos, and they all have the same probability of winning.

    In developing the NFT marketplace, it needed access to fresh asset prices that could be offered to users in a highly reliable way to buy in-game items, characters or gear.POCOLAND needed an effective blockchain middleware solution, called an oracle, to help capture aggregated prices off-chain and deliver them to users on-chain through the app.

    The integration of Chainlink and POCOLAND offers many features such as secure node operations, a decentralized network, a robust reputation framework, and high quality data from a variety of premium aggregators. These features will help them to further expand the game play.

    Chainlink is a platform for building, selling or accessing any kind of Oracle-related services required for smart hybrid contracts on the blockchain. This provides a one-stop infrastructure for its customers and enhances its functionality and security, improving the overall user experience.

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