• Polygon’s active user count eclipses Ether’s

  • As soaring gas costs continue to push regular users out of the ethereum market, a second tier solution has stepped in to save the day. Now, one of the leaders of this new technology has eclipsed the guru. This week, for the first time in blockchain history, Polygon outperformed Ether, in terms of active users anyway.

    This groundbreaking feat is largely attributed to the rise of gaming. This previously untapped sector has seen phenomenal growth throughout 2021 and shows no signs of slowing down. As a result, games like Zed Run and Aavegotchi utilize convenient sidechains for game mechanics and asset sales.

    However, it’s Animoca Brands’ new offerings that are really driving growth.In mid-September, they released Arc8, a mobile app available on Google Play. In the future, it’s intended to be used as a gaming hub, but for now, it’s just earning passive income in the form of GMEE tokens. The app had 100,000 users just hours after its release and reached 250,000 within a few days. Looking at the Google Play numbers, it’s now at 500,000.

    According to Polygonscan, active wallets for the second tier solution increased by 168% in September alone. Compare those numbers to the corresponding numbers from Etherscan and you’ll see a small increase in uptake of just 0.6%. On the face of it, Layer 2 and the blockchain game seem ready for the next high.

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