• Polygon Studios’ Brian Trunzo: Everything That Can Become An NFT Will Become One”

  • The metaverse lead at Polygon Studios, Brian Trunzo, has made a bold claim about the future of NFTs. Last year NFTs exploded into the mainstream, and now many companies are exploring how to use them in their business. Speaking at ETHDenver, Brian Trunzo said, “I think anything that can become an NFT will become an NFT.”

    After initial scepticism by the mainstream, companies like Nike, Disney and others are finding ways to integrate NFTs into their business. These companies are exploring the concept of ‘metaverse’ and how to move forward in the new digital age.

    Although NFTs were first made famous through art, it is clear that NFTs have many uses. Furthermore, they will play a vital role in the future across multiple industries, including fashion, music, patents and more.

    Polygon Studios also believes that the fashion industry will benefit from NFTs in a way that is not even comprehendible currently. “The fashion world is a $2 trillion economy. And many thinkers, myself included, believe that digital fashion will dwarf that someday”, Trunzo said.

    Finally, fashion and the metaverse are intrinsically linked. Think about games like Fortnite, where users buy skins for their characters. NFTs will enable this to happen across the entire metaverse, and you will have top fashion houses to clothe yourself in the digital world. This is already happening in the space. Meanwhile, in recent months, Nike brought RTFKT Studios, a digital art studio that focuses on sneaker NFT drops. Polygon Studios want to stay ahead of the pack.

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