• Polygonal Mind to bring bored apes to the Metaverse

  • Polygonal Mind is working with the Bored Ape Yacht Club to develop a series of VR-ready incarnations for the metaspace. This welcome addition could be a sensation for NFT and cause a VR meltdown.

    Using the talents of metaspace experts Crypto Avatars, the team is building a collection of 3D renders of the entire Bored Ape dynasty. These cross-platform recreations of primates will be available in the current generation of blockchain-based universes.

    Once the project is complete, Polygonal Mind and Bored Ape intend to airdrop a 3D avatar to each account that contains a Bored Ape or Mutant Ape. These primates will then be able to roam the metaverse in their new digital bodies.

    This beautiful collection will allow community members to have a great party in their true ape form. With this in mind, ape owners everywhere can celebrate their monkeyhood in full VR.

    Polygonal Mind is a creative development studio that specializes in building assets for the metahuman realm. The organization is divided into several branches, each focusing on a specific area. One of these branches is Crypto Avatars, the division responsible for 3D rendering of digital identities.

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