• Publishing industry’s first NFT digital collection goes live

  • Beijing Yangtze River New Century Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Fire Chain Technology have created the first NFT digital collection in the publishing industry. The digital collection, priced at 19.9 yuan and limited to 8,888 copies, was sold out in just 20 seconds after its launch. This is the first step for the publishing industry to move into the emerging digital field.

    CK New Century is celebrating its 20th anniversary, the digital collection “II Years – Stories of Time” is being launched. This digital collection brings together the essence of CKXC’s 20 years of publishing career, with nearly 700 representative book covers selected from more than 2,000 covers, recording the memories of the publishing company’s growth with readers and bringing together a history of Chinese popular culture in the new century.

    This precious digital collection contains the eternal moments of Jiang Wen, Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang, Ying Da, Liu Xiaoqing, Feng Yuanzheng, Song Dandan, Liu Xiaolingtong, etc. on film, television and stage; the flashes of wisdom of scholars such as Yan Chongnian, Zhou Guoping, Ma Weidu, Wang Liqun, Bao Pengshan, Qu Limin; the pulsations of words and times of authors such as Wang Meng, Liang Zuo, Wang Shuo, Liu Zhenyun, Jiang Rong, Wan Fang, Du Liang, Liu Liu, Di An, etc. The social changes in the eyes of journalists such as Bai Yansong, Jing Yidan and Kang Hui; the cries of military personnel such as Jin Yinan, Dai Xu, Wang Xiangshui, Zhang Zhaozhong, Xu Yan and Qiao Liang to awaken the dignity and blood of the people of the great nation; the moments of the wonderful struggle and growth of Li Yong, Chen Luyu, Zeng Zimo, Zhu Xun, Gong Linna, Zhang Lan and Shen Xing. ……

    Each digital collection subscribed by the platform will form an exclusive digital certificate and be permanently stored on the blockchain. Each digital collection is unique, tamper-evident and irreproducible, and has a unique blockchain number. All collections are issued and traded on the chain, ensuring that each digital collection can be traced back to its source, thus ensuring that ownership of the work is given to the physical industry in a practical way.

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