• Raiinmaker announces integration with Polygon

  • Raiinmaker, a blockchain-based social platform and one of the fastest-growing Web3 powered apps has announced an integration with L2 scaling solution Polygon (MATIC/USD), Invezz learned from a press release.

    After the integration becomes fact, users will be able to post on social media through the Raiinmaker platform. They will also have a chance to earn rewards in NFTs and tokens from the Polygon network including the native token MATIC.

    Community can take part in Create To Earn System

    Members of the Polygon community can now take part in the social platform’s proprietary Create To Earn System™ and post their content to social platforms, including Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Meta. Raiinmaker users can also leverage the value of social capital, taking advantage of Polygon’s low cost and high scalability.

    J.D. Seraphine, Founder and CEO of Raiinmaker said:

    We are excited to officially launch our integration with the Polygon network, empowering the Polygon community to earn MATIC and other digital assets from the network they love by simply posting their social content from Raiinmaker every day.

    Creators of all sizes can earn

    The Raiinmaker platform allows creators to earn crypto when they share content to social networks regardless of their size. Proof of Influence™, the platform’s proprietary L2 consensus algorithm, guarantees that users are rewarded equitably every time they share content across their social media platforms.

    Bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3

    The Raiinmaker app bridges the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 by letting ecosystem members create and share content on traditional social media channels. They will earn NFTs and crypto based on the value they create.

    Raiinmaker is a dynamically developing Web3 powered app targeting the social creator economy. It has been downloaded more than 15,000 times in a little more than half a year.

    About Raiinmaker

    Raiinmaker revolutionizes the monetization and distribution of social value driven by user generated content. It has over 20 blockchains to reward users in crypto and NFTs for their social capital.

    The fully scalable Web3 platform has the speed and throughput to match the transaction volume of the Visa network while leveraging the security and hash power of public blockchains.

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