• RARE curatorial tokens promise to revolutionize NFT art curation

  • Touted as the future of the Non-Forgible Token (NFT) art space, SuperRare has announced the official launch of its RARE curated token.

    The RARE curation token is expected to revolutionize the NFT art curation space. It will also be fully managed by community members and will also include diverse curatorial input. The launch of the community-owned RARE curation token shows that SuperRare is putting the future of its network in the hands of community members. The launch of the token will help revolutionize the NFT art curation space as we know it, and help ensure that SuperRare remains decentralized.

    A brief history of SuperRare

    On April 5, 2018, SuperRare minted its first artifact. The artwork was immutably stored on the popular ethereum blockchain platform. Since then, more than 1,400 artists have sold more than $90 million worth of NFT artwork on the SuperRare platform. Thanks to SuperRare, artists have seen their dreams evolve into reality, with the hobby creating more revenue than most artists expected. The completed transformation of the art market from a traditional space to becoming a well-organized digital space is now a reality as well.

    While still largely nascent, digital art spaces are making significant and huge leaps forward.SuperRare’s plans for a decentralized digital art space are a pointer to how digital art spaces should be shaped. The platform plans to ensure that power is held by members of the community, thus ensuring decentralization.

    SuperRare 2.0

    The platform is aligned with its RARE curation token and the entire SuperRare network and is based on three significant product advances. superRare Spaces, SuperDAO, and Sovereign Smart Contracts.

    SuperRare Spaces

    SuperRare community members will have the opportunity to select a new voice for the core team of the lab independent of the platform. These spaces will be evaluated by community members and will be suitable as galleries for collectors, curators, and community members to showcase their work. Each vetted storefront will have a designated operator who will oversee the space. The designated operator is usually selected through a community vote.

    SuperRare DAO

    SuperRare DAO is a decentralized platform powered by the holders of the SuperRare curated token, RARE. These community members, along with the SuperRare Governance Board, are responsible for managing important aspects of the platform, such as the SuperRare space, community finances, and other important decisions that will have an impact on the platform’s future.

    Additionally, all SuperRare fees and commissions will now flow to the newly launched SuperRare DAO platform.

    Sovereign Smart Contracts

    Thanks to Sovereign Smart Contracts, artists can now launch custom smart contracts. They can also bring artwork cast elsewhere to the SuperRare platform.

    About the RARE curated token

    The launch of the RARE curation token is a sign of SuperRare’s focus on promoting decentralization and the progressive development of the art market. The token will also help build the next generation of artists in an unbiased manner.The RARE curation token will help identify and provide support for new talent in the SuperRare community. All curatorial decisions will be made through the participation of community members. This is in contrast to the previous method where SuperRare Labs was responsible for selecting artists.

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