• Rarestone Capital Announces Strategic Investment in Rainicorn to Strengthen Game Money NFT Ag Economy

  • Active venture capital fund and accelerator Rarestone Capital has announced a direct strategic investment in Rainicorn, a multi-faceted platform that has built its own innovation hub at the intersection of NFT and DeFi with a focus on gamification.

    This investment includes the outright purchase of Rainicorn’s native tokens (RAINI), rooted in a common goal to grow and develop Rainicorn’s game-making ecosystem through a community-centric approach. Part of the deal includes hands-on marketing support, including community, social and viral marketing under the fund’s incubation arm, Rarestone Labs.

    Known as Rainiverse, the Rainicorn ecosystem includes the popular play-to-earn trading card game Lords of Light, which is currently undergoing its first public card pack launch, backed by a strong community pre-sale. This competitive trading card game allows players to collect playable NFT cards that can be used to build decks to be able to destroy opponents in turn-based battles. The game also allows cards to be leveled up and includes elements of DeFi, including the ability to bet on high level cards for passive income. These in-game features allow players to create earning potential by earning the main in-game currency, photons, through various strategic and competitive actions.

    Charles Read, co-founder of Rarestone Capital, explained, “We are very excited to form a long-term partnership with Rainicorn. Currently, the top dozen play-to-earn games are processing nearly $1 billion in transactions, despite the market still being in its infancy. Given the demand for Raini’s early placements and their team’s vision and ability to execute, this partnership is very exciting for us.”

    Says @Mindspheres, co-founder of Raini.

    “We see the partnership with Rarestone Capital as a game changer that will take Raini to the next level.The level of support and relationship that Rarestone brings to the table is highly complementary to the Raini project and to our vision.”

    Rainicorn’s ecosystem also includes a cross-chain NFT platform, launchpad, and a marketplace where players can buy and exchange NFTs. with a team spanning the globe, including the Australian co-founders, Raini’s vision is to create a vast and diverse connected ecosystem with a wide range of innovative features and a revolutionary conceptual roadmap to help drive the growth of the space

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