• Ready Player DAO + Aavegotchi team up against P2E games

  • Ready Player DAO recently announced a partnership with Pixelcraft Studios, the makers of the crypto-collector game Aavegotchi.

    About Ready Player DAO

    Ready Player DAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization. They want to play an important role in developing the power of gaming. While NFTs are growing, the popularity of NFTs is also massively increasing.Ready Player has begun to achieve this by creating more equality between developers and end consumers. Notably, they have invested 50 ETH (currently around $205,000) into a package within Aavegotchi wearables, REALM, and Citaadel. On top of that, they’re looking to put a team of their academics into the Gotchiverse to immerse them in the game. This partnership will also create an exclusive experience on their partner parcel that will challenge players and offer them unique prizes in the form of tokens.

    About PixelCraft Studios / Aavegotchi

    Aavegotchis are DeFi-Staked crypto collectibles developed by Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studios. They are pixel art ghosts on the ethereum blockchain, using the ERC-721 standard. Another key point is that the value of each NFT is based on rarity, which depends on different factors. In fact, AavegotchiDAO manages the project and all funding through GHST utility tokens. Their goal is to become a true DeFi project. In addition, they are actually very popular, with 72k followers on Twitter and 18k Discord members. Incredibly, an Aavegotchi ghost once sold for 141 ETH, or about $538,000.

    Meta Universe vs. Ready Player One

    Ready Player DAO’s name bears a distinct resemblance to the popular movie Ready Player One. Note that there is no relationship between them, nor is there any collaboration. However, it makes sense now to discuss the comparison between what we see from the movie and the meta-universe being constructed before our eyes.

    The movie revolves around the main character Percival (Wade Watts in real life), a teenage boy who is deep in an “oasis” with the rest of the world. So much so that the real world is destroyed and filled with waste. The Oasis is a virtual reality meta-space that allows users to be who they want to be and do what they want to do. It includes minigames, their own home, and much more. The main idea of the movie is that Percival and his group of friends aim to reach an Easter egg in the game. This will allow them to take over the company.

    There is a clear contrast to the meta-universe we see established today from Decentraland and The Sandbox and Aavegotchi. Many questioned whether Decentraland had the potential to become something as big as the Oasis from Ready Player One. One Reddit user answered this question. They said “I think we’re still a few years away from that level of immersion, but it’s possible, yes.”

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