• Remember Temple Run? Try P2E Game Vulcan Runner

  • Vulcan Forged announced their latest P2E game: Vulcan Runner. The gameplay mimics the once legendary Subway Surfers and Temple Run, which should resonate with a large number of mobile gamers. The company recently dropped a sneak peak of the infinite runner game on Twitter. However, there has been no exact release date so far.

    Players will need to use 1 $LAVA to play each round, which will enter into the daily prize pool. At the end of each day, the top 50 runners will share 50% of the Vulcan Runner prize pool, and the other 50% will be burned. Of course, there will be a limited number of free $LAVAs everyday for people that do not wish to pay to play. Also, players can upgrade their performance by purchasing various items on the NFT marketplace, Vulcan Market.

    Vulcan Forged

    It should be pretty evident by now that Vulcan Forged is working on something big. The gaming studio now includes a full suite of services and a pair of cryptocurrencies to power the economy. $LAVA and $PYR represent the two tokens behind most transactions within the Vulcan ecosystem. In addition, the Vulcan Market allows the community to buy, sell, and trade various items throughout various games.

    Besides, the company has developed the Elysium blockchain to run the VulcanVerse. This blockchain is EVM compatible and the company is planning for it to be the ‘blockchain of the metaverses’. Lastly, there will soon be an SDK to allow other game developers to join the ecosystem, leveraging existing features of Vulcan Forged.

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