• Revolve Games and Netvrk to bring new gaming money-making opportunities

  • Revolve Games has joined forces with Netvrk metaverse for a wide range of activities around NFT gaming, business and education. The collaboration between these two creative forces will bring new and exciting opportunities to the Revolve community.

    Through the integration with Netvrk, users will be able to experience Revolve’s NFT assets through the immersive virtual reality of the Netvrk metaverse, a metaspace on the blockchain with powerful creation tools and infrastructure for sharing, experiencing and monetizing NFT assets and creations. It provides a rich and engaging environment for players to interact, socialize, play, earn money, and do many other things.

    Netvrk and Revolve will work together to create new ways for players to monetize and content, opening up more game-money making features. Users can expect a unique combination of game money making, VR and NFT game monetization to take their gaming adventures to a whole new level.

    Revolve Games is redefining GameFi, a play-to-earn blockchain gaming ecosystem where users earn wager rewards based on their performance in the game.Revolve Games mechanics and token utility are provided through Revolve Games’ galactic meta-domain.NFT deposit contracts can also be bought and sold through the Revolve NFT marketplace. This model ensures that the value of NFT is always included and supports the value of the native tokens.

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