• Revv’s new electric formula game

  • The latest addition to the REVV motorsport network, Formula E: High Voltage, is the future of top-level racing.

    This all-new “play to earn” experience promises all the thrills of owning your own electric Formula E racing team. Build teams, upgrade cars and drivers, manage tactics, and earn money through gameplay in this epic new racing strategy romp.

    High Voltage has a ton of interactive components to make it outperform the competition. Each team consists of two cars and two drivers. However, the minimum requirement for entry is one car and one driver. In this case, the game lends a pair of extra assets to the future strategist.

    All racing parts, cars, drivers and parts are cast as NFTs. Each can be traded on the marketplace and can be upgraded using parts won at the track or purchased privately. Each track requires a custom car setup, as well as its own racing tactics. Additionally, since the tracks themselves are NFTs, they are fragmented and owned by members of the community. In this case, the car owner will receive a percentage of the race entry fee.

    Public sales and alpha play will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2021, with further additions to the game mechanics throughout 2022.

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