• Ricardo Villalobos unveils his first NFT in collaboration with Spanish artist Sixe Paredes

  • The internationally renowned DJ and producer Ricardo Villalobos has just announced his collaboration with Spanish artist Sixe Paredes. Together, they will be releasing their first exclusive NFT drop, available on Atlanticus Music.

    Villalobos and Sixe Paredes are working with Atlanticus Music for this drop. This is because music industry professionals founded Atlanticus Music to serve artists in the metaverse. Moreover, Atlanticus Music allows transactions to happen using crypto coins (BNBs), as well as credit cards. Therefore, both Web3 native and non-native music fans can participate and connect with their favourite artists.

    Who is Ricardo Villalobos?

    Ricardo Villalobos is a Chilean-born, German music producer and DJ. He is also one of the pioneers of the minimal techno and microhouse music scene. His music pieces evolve over time and his sets are based on improvisation. Villalobos is taking the opportunity to work with other talented artists, such as the artist Sixe Paredes, for the first time ever under the NFT umbrella.

    About the NFT drop

    The collection will drop on February 22nd. Fans can grab one of 50 Super Rare NFT Cards. Each NFT consists of digital artwork from Sixe Paredes in collaboration with Villalobos. The artist worked directly on the reel of the video, frame by frame, adding symbols that are characteristic of his unique artistic style.

    In addition, a one-copy NFT titled The Unique NFT Card will be auctioned together with a digital portrait of Ricardo Villalobos created by Six Paredes. Moreover, Ricardo Villalobos NFT holders will get access to a complimentary VIP table for 6 guests during Villalobos’ next appearance at the legendary Amnesia Ibiza club. With this drop, Villalobos joins a list of other high-profile DJs who have joined the NFT space.

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