• Rogue Fox Guild: All About the Female-led P2E Roguelike Adventure Game

  • If you are a fan of roguelike games (a.k.a dungeon crawler games), then Rogue Fox Guild is for you! Rogue Fox Guild is the first P2E roguelike adventure game on the Polygon blockchain. Led by women, the project aims to create an inspirational, memorable, as well as, fun gaming experience. After a successful first round of their genesis NFT collection drop, the project is all set for the next sale.

    “We’re different than other P2E games, in the way that we have a high-quality gaming experience that is made to be accessible to everyone,” said Anna Stoilova, their co-founder and manager. “…at the same time, we deliver the engagement and uniqueness of custom made indie games.”

    Rogue Fox Guild’s NFT collection offers attractive perks

    Before the much-anticipated P2E game launch, Rogue Fox Guild is taking the first steps into the space with its Gen 0 NFT collection. It features 10,000 Rogue Fox NFTs algorithmically generated from 132 unique hand-drawn traits. Artist Silviya Ivanova, who has over 10 years of experience in the animation field, has created the characters. Her vast experience is reflected in the high quality, well-detailed, and appealing rogue foxes.

    Essentially, the collection revolves around rogue foxes that survived an apocalypse. Now, they roam the ‘Barren Lands’. With art and storytelling at its core, this project will bring the lore alive in multiple formats. Ultimately, the team’s plan is to create a “Foxiverse” (a foxy metaverse) with three NFT games.

    Of course, Rogue Fox Guild’s Gen 0 NFTs will be the most valuable NFTs in the game. In other words, these NFTs offer exclusive rarities, unique experiences, and rewards in the upcoming game. Once the game goes live, genesis NFTs become your playable NFT avatars. Actually, the team will launch several mini-games in the near future where you can immediately use the NFT avatars too.

    Another important highlight of the collection is its focus on charity. Rogue Fox Guild will donate 10% of the sales to animal charities chosen by the community members. Besides, comics, expansions, animations, and more based on the NFT avatars are in the pipeline.

    Game development under full swing

    Rogue Fox Guild’s game development is in full swing. Already, they are developing the first game—a 2D platformer game, to be released in April. The creators have also released a game trailer that gives a glimpse into the much-awaited game.

    All in all, Rogue Fox Guild seems to be on a promising start. After all, they already boast a 10,000 member strong community. To enjoy the games to the fullest, make sure to get your hands on the Genesis NFTs dropping this week.

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