• RSK built NFT Genesis going to Millionaire Collectibles

  • NFT Genesis portrays Satoshi Nakamoto as a radiant, mysterious, caped hero in a futuristic costume.

    NFT Genesis is the first ever non-forged token minted on the Bitcoin sidechain, known as RSK, and market participants believe it will become a collectible artwork for millionaires. Notably, NFT Genesis was created by Watafan, a company looking to celebrate Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary.

    Created by Joseph Diaz, the NFT illustration has been carefully crafted to fit exact details within a frame. Notably, NFT depicts Satoshi Nakamoto as a radiant, enigmatic, caped hero in futuristic garb.

    “His face is covered by a shiny protective helmet, and on his left hand is a banner that reads ’10th Anniversary.’ On his right hand is a spectacular hologram of a Bitcoin token,” the company explained via a press release.

    In addition, NFT has an image of the U.S. Federal Reserve Building in the fog. The image creates a puzzle for anyone who gets close enough to view it to get a deeper look at the details.

    Watafan created NFT Pieces with a fixed supply of 21 unique copies. However, the company notes that since the first owner got the NFT, it has never been listed for sale.

    Released on January 3, 2019, NFT has gained popularity and thus more value over time. In addition, almost all digital assets that existed at the time or were created during that time have gained tremendous value.

    NFT Genesis and the RSK Ecosystem

    As an unforgeable token created on the Bitcoin sidechain and created by a leading artist who has worked with well-known companies such as Netflix, NFT Genesis has gained significant attention from art collectors around the world.

    Notably, the RSK sidechain enjoys similar security features to those found on the Bitcoin blockchain. Note that it uses a two-way pegging mechanism in which Bitcoin miners help secure the Bitcoin and RSK ecosystem.

    With all this noteworthy infrastructure surrounding NFT’s Genesis works, market analysts expect the actual value of the artwork to expand into the millions of dollars. Moreover, NFT’s global market cap has soared to about $3 billion this year.

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