• RTFKT kicks off Clone-X Avatar project

  • Footwear specialists, RTFKT, are taking it a step further with a set of full-body, ready-to-go, 3D avatars. Their latest project, Clone-X, is a new set of digital avatars for flesh-and-blood puppet masters.

    A total of 20,000 Clone-X avatars will enter the cryptocurrency space, each a fully 3D, elaborate, randomly generated model whose characteristics and attributes will be displayed upon sale. The result is a high-end rig designed to wander through metaspace in style.

    Clone-X will appear sometime in mid-October, in two drops. The first of these is an epic pre-sale designed to reward backers of the RTFKT project. As such, eligible RTFKT NFT owners have the opportunity to sign up for the event. The presale will last 48 hours and will allow members to claim avatars at their leisure for a paltry 0.05 ETH.

    After the pre-sale ends, the public sale will begin. Conducted as a Dutch-style auction, the price is still undetermined. In addition, Clone-X avatars are limited to a maximum of three per wallet. So, are you looking for the next big meta avatar item? This could be it.

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