• SAND Secures 10th Place for Most-Purchased Token in WhaleStats

  • Utility token SAND is back in WhaleStats’ list of top purchased tokens by 1000 biggest ETH whales over the last 24 hours.

    SAND made the Whale leaderboard again and is holding the 10th spot for the most purchased token in the platform at press time. SAND is the utility token used throughout The Sandbox blockchain game ecosystem for transactions and interactions.

    SAND’s average purchase amount when it made the list is $178, with an average token quantity of 60. The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) falls on the list just over SAND. PMGT is a token built on Trovio’s full-service gold investment platform Gold Pass. As of writing, the current 9th place holds its position with an average purchase amount of $280, and a token quantity of 0.15.

    Earlier today, the WhaleStats pegboard also had the utility token on its most used smart contracts list. However, it was later passed by LINK, PAXG, MATIC, and SNX, which are now holding 7th to 10th spots, respectively.

    The last time SAND made the cut for the most purchased tokens in a 24-hour volume was on February 15. The utility token placed 8th, with an average purchase amount of $5,606 and a token quantity of 1,394.

    NuCypher (Nu), which sits at 8th place for most purchased tokens over the last 24 hours, currently holds the title for the most traded token in the WhaleStats leaderboard as of writing.

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