• Seeing the power of NFT communication, KMT proposes to NFT old photos to push party members’ offspring to join the party

  • With the rise of the metaverse concept, non-homogeneous tokens (NFTs) have become a new business opportunity in the virtual world. The Kuomintang (KMT) announced in mid-January that it would turn the “command sword of President Chiang Chung Cheng” into the first NFT party history artifact, and the think tank held another forum today to promote it. Party Chairman Chu Li-Lun said that the KMT’s new political platform has included the project of “creating a new era of digital art”.

    In the new era of the meta-universe, both the public and private sectors are facing new opportunities and challenges, and in the future, he will share a lot of party history or valuable things with everyone through the NFT and the meta-universe.

    Lin Jiaxing, Director of the KMT Party History Museum, pointed out that through the NFT, in addition to revitalising 100 years of Party history and national history IPs and promoting the KMT’s value proposition, the value of collecting historical artefacts will also be brought to the attention of the world’s Chinese community; the KMT will continue to connect with social forces and move forward on new issues.

    Lin Jiaxing revealed that in the future, he will also consider NFTing the autobiographies and photos of old party members and other valuable historical relics to give to their descendants, so as to enhance the positive perception of society and the willingness of their descendants to return to their families.

    Wei Yuguo, Deputy General Manager of Perak Multimedia, shared his experience in “Perak Innovation Studies”, saying that the key to the transformation of Perak Puppet Theatre from a cultural industry to a multimedia industry relies on the energy of six major copyrights, including language, film and television, filming, music, performance and art.

    Wei Yuguo said that NFT is supported by coin circles, fans, collectors and investors, and NFT is defined as a “fan economy”, so whether it is a commercial body, a political party, or a public welfare group, all have a need to participate in NFT. Those who can effectively integrate the core technologies of the metaverse, such as AR/VR/MR (XR) smart hardware, communication technologies such as 5G and cloud computing, digital currency technologies under blockchain, and artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing and image recognition, will have the opportunity to win in the metaverse.

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