• Shawn Yue’s NFT is a success, Eric Chou and Ann Hsu turn into zombies to support him

  • Shawn Yue’s NFT pre-sale was launched the night before last (3/15) and immediately reached the number one spot on Opensea, the world’s largest NFT trading platform, setting a world record for a pre-sale that took only 2 hours and 42 minutes to win. This follows his own auction of his NFT crypto art collection last year (2021), which set the highest online auction price in Asia’s history at HK$120 million!

    Shawn Yue and his team celebrated the news with a fist pump, saying, “I’d like to thank everyone for their love and support, and I welcome more people who like NFT to come and exchange ideas with us. For 3/17 heart and soul crystal “ZombieClub Token” NFT will be officially on sale, he said emotionally, the four members who created the goods, including himself, “used a lot of time and energy in the front of the planning and implementation, day and night to improve and communicate, is to hope that each buyer has the best experience.

    Shawn Yue is a pioneer in rewarding excellence! The “ZombieClub Token” NFT has been successful in its pre-sale, catching up with the world’s most popular and sought-after NFT project “Bored Ape Yacht Club” (Bored Ape), which is a very strong NFT. Cryptopunks” and “Meebits”, is a very good and powerful NFT goods.

    The “ZombieClub Token” NFT, led by Shawn Yue, spent only 2 hours and 42 minutes the night before to reach the first place in the record-breaking 24-hour trade volume, which is really a superb start!

    Shawn Yue’s own brand “ZombieClub Token” NFT has received a lot of attention and support from his friends in the industry, and a few days ago, actor Chiu Chak and singer-songwriter Eric Chou visited Shawn Yue for a happy NFT weekend! The newly minted Mrs. Chou, Ann Hsu, Jay Chou and Stephen Fung all used the Zombie Club filter on IG to show their love and support.

    Shawn Yue’s “ZombieClub Token” NFT is officially released today (3/17).

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