• Shiba Inu (SHIB) NFTs surge, floor now sits above 1ETH

  • Over the past few weeks, it seems like everything related to the Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency has been appreciating in value. Now, Chiba Inu is seeing a strong wave of demand as well.

    Shiboshis represent the Shiba Inu ecosystem of native unforgeable tokens (NFTs).

    These are 10,000 digitized creatures that were set up for sale about ten days ago and have caused a serious wave of demand.

    According to the official post, NFTs are priced between 0.1ETH and 0.3ETH depending on when people mint them, with a maximum of 10 Shiboshis per wallet.

    The entire event ended in less than 35 minutes, and as many speculated, Ether fees skyrocketed, with users reporting minting costs of up to $700 per NFT.

    Nonetheless, the campaign was a success and we saw a subsequent listing on the secondary market.

    Shiboshi holders can now enjoy profits of between 300% and 900%, depending on when they manage to mint the coin.

    This is because the floor price of the Shiboshi NFT series on OpenSea is currently around 1.1 ETH – up over 30% in the past few days alone.

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