• Skrapper Legend Series II NFT Series Returns to WAX

  • The second series of the Skrapper Legends NFT series is coming to WAX. Series one, featuring Babe Ruth, was a huge success earlier this year. This time around, legends Derek Jeter and Ted Williams will take center stage in a “competition series.”

    This NFT series will only be available in a single pack. The pack will be offered as a card with a nostalgic NFT of either Jeter or Williams for $100. there will be a total of 1,314 packs, so be there on time!

    Derek Jeter is also known as “Captain Clutch” and some of his feats include 3,465 hits, a .310 lifetime batting average, 1,311 RBI and five Gold Gloves. Ted Williams is known as one of the best hitters of all time with 3,381 hits, 656 home runs, 2,332 RBI and a .482 on-base percentage.

    Fans will have the opportunity to collect five treasures from these two Hall of Famers – Regular, Epic, Gold Epic, Legend and Super Legend. Get your wallets ready for the 1 p.m. ET drop on Sept. 14.

    The art is done by contemporary portrait painter William Quigley. He is known for his unique ability to bring historical figures to life and sold his first exhibition in 1985, where he exhibited next to icons like Andy Warhol. Quigley has also exhibited his work in some of the most prestigious galleries around the world-including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Art Basel, the Miró Foundation, MOCA Los Angeles, the Manny Silverman Gallery, the Carl Hut Gallery of Art, the Case Gallery, AB New York, and the Art Chicago Fair.

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