• Skullavenue is on the road, launching its first NFT collection in early February

  • Skullavenue is a brand new, 8888 piece NFT collection coming soon – February to be specific – to the Solana blockchain. Particularly, over 150 different attributes feature which can be spread over 6 to 7 layers.

    About Skullavenue

    Skullavenue is an NFT project led by a talented artist from Munich. Alongside her team, they set out to be distinct in creating a full-body NFT project instead of the face-only NFTs we’re used to seeing.

    The team members are half-doxxed, sharing their first names: Jay, Moritzzilla, Zed, and Flea, and a bio about them on the project’s website. They aim to create a true work of art and a strong community.

    Each NFT character is named based on their first three attributes. For example, if the headpiece is named “Duke”, the skull is “the golden” and the top “postman” the name becomes “Duke the golden postman”.

    Also, the collection features nine special editions called the Magnificent Nine, each NFT of the Magnificent Nine section is handcrafted by the artist, containing two extra attributes.

    The Launch

    Skullavenue is set to launch in early February, although we don’t have an exact date or time yet.

    The collection of 8,888 NFTs will launch on the Solana blockchain, through the Solanium.io platform. The launch will be done through a random, lottery-style system. This means that no one will know which skull they have acquired until after their purchase.

    Currently, we don’t know the mint price of the project.

    About Solanium

    Solanium is a platform that is used for Crypto IDOs as well as NFT mints like Skullavenue. It allows users to invest in the ‘hottest Solana projects’ from the earliest point possible.

    Also, they offer staking of their Governance token. Their APY is 6% currently. There are 24,000+ stakers on the platform.

    About Solana

    Solana as a blockchain is the current closest contender to Ethereum, the premier blockchain for NFTs trading at the moment.

    The unique selling points of the platform are faster trading speeds and almost zero gas fees when compared to Ethereum. Within NFTs, Solana has seen a mix in the quality of projects. During the first half of 2021 when we saw Solana first getting popular, a lot of the projects were just derivatives of popular projects like CryptoPunks. These early projects just copied blue chips and put them onto Solana.

    However, now, the quality has boosted majorly. With more original, high-quality projects like Skullavenue and others, the chain is now gaining a better reputation and even has its own blue-chip collections.

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