• Smartbch Poolside Puffers NFT collection sells out in 3 days – 100% of proceeds go to orphanages in Vietnam

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become very popular in recent times, as large collections have been placed and billions of dollars worth of NFTs have been exchanged. Just recently, a collection of NFTs derived from the Smartbch protocol was introduced to the Bitcoin Cash community called “Poolside Puffers”. The entire collection of 2,100 Puffers sold out in less than three days, with all proceeds being donated to an orphanage in Vietnam.

    Meet Poolside Puffers – 2100 unique generative art collections made with Smartbch

    The Smartbch protocol has been gathering traction as people are minting countless tokens, using decentralized exchange (dex) platforms like Misty Lake (lake.mitswap.fi) and Benswap, and discussing new Smartbch ideas on various forums. While blockchain NFT series like Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club have been on fire lately, an NFT series minted by Smartbch sold out in just three days this week. The NFT series, called “Poolside Puffers,” was launched by Corbin Fraser (@maplesyrupsuckr) on October 3.

    “Introducing Poolside Puffers,” Fraser wrote on Twitter.” 2100 unique generative art collectibles. 100% of the proceeds from the mint go to a local orphanage that supports abandoned and disabled children in Da Nang, Vietnam.”

    Fraser’s Smartbch minted the NFT series “Poolside Puffers” which sold out in three days.

    Each Puffers sold for 0.0035 BCH, which is about slightly over $2 at today’s BCH exchange rate.” The $PP is a friendly art project to introduce Bitcoin Cash and wider cryptocurrency users to the new EVM sidechain smartBCH, which is enabling ethereum smart contract features, including SEP721 NFT,” Fraser further detailed in his introductory tweet. He added.

    There are 2,100 collectible pieces of poolside pufferfish art based on eight features, including. Body, Tail, Caudal Fin, Fins, Face, Accessories and Background, and of course, Spikes. Each pufferfish is 100% unique. A variety of rarer pufferfish also exist. The purer the color of the pufferfish, the rarer it is. Certain features are also rarer, such as the animated background and the bloodshot eyes. Along with some accessories.

    Smartbch’s innovation is still in its infancy

    Fraser’s blowfish NFT is popular on Twitter, and the series’ smart contract addresses can be viewed via smartscan.cash explorer. Fraser and many others believe that it’s still early days when it comes to things that can be built with Smartbch.

    “It’s still very early days for Smartbch – it has a long way to go to compete with major projects like FTM, MATIC, AMAX and others,” Fraser noted this week. But as they say. The early bird gets the worm. Or in this case, blowfish. Who knows, maybe one day $PP will be a rare delicacy.” Another interesting set of NFTs cast on the Smartbch protocol is the BArobots series. There are only 10,000 BArobots in total, each one unique and seeded with an NFT provenance.

    A lot of people have been saying the same thing as Fraser in recent times, as Smartbch has been getting used by various BCH backers.” The vast majority of people in the market are unaware of Smartbch’s existence or the crazy activity happening over here. It’s early days here,” the Twitter account known as “Cheap Lightning” tweeted on Sunday.

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