• Smighties NFTs to Launch at Retail as Physical Toy Collectibles

  • The quirky world of Smighties NFT collectibles is coming to the physical world In an exciting partnership between Reality Gaming Group, Herotainment and Toikido, these adorable NFT toys will be available at major retailers worldwide from April 2022.

    Kids can collect 136 different virtual Smighties characters, each with their own unique attributes, powers and strengths. The characters come in five rarities: common, rare, extraordinary, legendary and epic.The NFTs are on the ethereum blockchain and are being launched by Reality Gaming Group and Herotainment, so this will be Toikido’s first step into the NFT space.

    Toikido’s founder and CEO Darran Garnham said.” Extending digital IP to physical products is Toikido’s focus …… We have been watching the NFT space closely for some time and believe it will shape innovation in gaming, entertainment, sports, trading and collecting for years to come.Herotainment and Reality Gaming Group’s teams have put together a dynamic and very collectible IP that will be great fun to live with.”

    Each Smighties physical toy will have its own QR code, which will take the owner to the character’s online world. Each physical toy will also come with a free NFT. the initial launch will include plush toys, collectibles and trading cards.

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