• Snoop Dogg buys the most expensive NFT in history

  • Cozomo de’ Medici, the billionaire NFT collector turned Snoop Dogg, has announced that he has bought what has been declared the first and most expensive Fidenza piece in the history of the industry.

    The three-figure NFT purchased by Snoop Dogg

    This is Fidenza No. 938, titled “God Mode” because “sometimes there is a God in the algorithm. Certain outputs are so sublime and unexpected. No such similarity exists in a thousand different timelines,” the tweet explains.

    As stated in the thread after the first post, the previous price of this NFT piece was 100 Ether, and it entered the history books a few years ago for that reason, as it was the first unforgeable token to be sold at a 3-digit value.

    “938” entered the history books for another reason. Years ago, it was the first AB 3-digit to be sold for 100 ETH. You may not believe it, but that was an unprecedented price.”

    Another special feature of this NFT is that the spiral depicted in the piece rotates counterclockwise, although in reality, this would be an illusion created by the intersection between the different shapes.

    The most expensive NFTs in history

    In addition to Beeple’s famous $69 million sale of “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days,” which set the standard for the entire NFT industry, the list of the best-selling cryptocurrency artwork and collectibles in history is growing with each passing day. In addition to Beeple, artists such as Pack, FEWOCiOUS, Xcopy and Hackatao

    Speaking of collectibles, CryptoPunks set several records, selling tens of millions of NFTs.

    The sale of the source code for the World Wide Web was also a major event, selling $5.43 million, as was the sale of the first tweet in history written by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, which sold for $3 million.

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