• Social Storytelling Platform PechaKucha Mints World’s First Story As An NFT

  • PechaKucha, Inc., a social storytelling platform utilised by millions of people worldwide, declared that it had created the first-ever story as an NFT. To commemorate PechaKucha’s 20-year existence, the 20-slides x 20-seconds storytelling format, the introduction of its new website, mobile apps, and rejuvenated creator platform, the organisation will also mint 2,020 pieces of distinctive, limited-edition NFT collectables.

    Sean Smyth, PechaKucha CEO and Co-founder, said: “At PechaKucha, we think of NFTs as ‘digital art with benefits,’ reflecting our approach to making complex things more simple, minting the world’s first story and offering a collection of unique digital art with access to exclusive perks celebrates our past, while also exploring the future of Web3. We’re showcasing the versatility and utility of NFTs as a way to educate and empower the creative community that we serve.”

    The hundreds of live PK Night events throughout PechaKucha’s 20-year history resulted in thousands of artist-designed posters that make up the PechaKucha NFT collection. The NFTs have eight icon postures and 30 colour variations, which produce various rarities.

    Beginning on July 26, a pre-minting period, and beginning on August 17, a public sale, The PechaKucha NFTs will be available for purchase for 0.09 ETH (Ethereum) and include several bonus features, such as a one-year subscription to PK Pro, which enables users to create, share, and monetise exclusive communities and content. Many tools are available in PechaKucha’s free edition, including a brand-new social audio function. However, content can only be shared publicly on pechakucha.com.

    “PechaKucha was founded on the belief that everyone has something unique to share, so it’s only fitting that we’d be the first to mint a story as an NFT. Our first NFT drop is a great way to give the full power of PechaKucha to our supporters at a steep discount,” said Smyth. “As a minter and collector of PechaKucha NFTs, you will get access to evolving PK Pro features, an exclusive community that gets to shape the future of our NFT projects, and access to future airdrops, whitelists and presales”, he adds.

    Co-founders Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein describe the history of PechaKucha in a 20×20 presentation that may be viewed here as part of PechaKucha’s narrative-based NFT. One of the collectible NFTs can be seen in every video frame.

    Ethereum and PechaKucha collaborated on the first NFT project. The Ethereum network has converted to an environmentally friendly proof of stake blockchain to reduce power consumption significantly. PechaKucha will direct a portion of all sales to offset the carbon emissions that the minting of NFTs would typically produce.

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