• Softstar launches its first NFT title, RichMan Heroes

  • Softstar launched its first NFT title, “RichMan Heroes”, which features Softstar’s IP Monopoly characters to create a complete and robust metaverse community. At the same time, we invited Chen Zero Nine and “YOLO Cat Club” to become strategic partners to provide the most comprehensive services with their experience in various fields. The official release date and related follow-up information will be disclosed on the official website and the official Discord community.

    Softstar’s Monopoly was first released in 1989, and since then the series has been released as eight single-player role-playing games, four online role-playing games and two mobile games, and is known as the “national game” among the Chinese community.

    The NFT “YOLO Cat Club”, established by Chen and his team, has created an overwhelming response in the market since its launch at the beginning of the year, especially since fans who win the rarest special card can share 9% of the artist’s agent income, and fans who win the special card can participate in music creation and enjoy royalty profits.

    Each NFT is a customized and unique digital encrypted artwork, and owners will enjoy many benefits, including a free pass to enter and exit the Daewoo metaverse, as well as access to future NFT drops and rights for other Daewoo IPs.

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