• Solana-based NFT Game Edensol Invites Investors to Join IGO Presale

  • Edensol is inviting investors to join its Initial Game Offering (IGO) presale. It is an action role-playing on-chain game with a built-in NFT module developed by Lithuanian game studio Golem House.

    Edensol was built on the Solana blockchain for its speed, low costs, and scalability. Solana’s technology allows players to buy and trade as many NFTs as often as they want with minimal costs. This is to ensure that the Edonsol gaming metaverse and community can grow from the very beginning.

    The game invites players to choose from one of three classes, personalize their heroes, and raise an army to battle hordes of monsters.

    Players can choose between three different classes in Edensol: Warrior, Mage, and Ranger. These classes will then take part in battling enemy mobs, fulfilling quests, and engaging in Player-vs-Player modes or PVP. As a result of these activities, players can win the platform’s native crypto NSOL alongside additional NFT prizes.

    Edensol’s NFTs take the form of characters, accessories, or land plots in the Edensol metaverse. These can also be sold in the Edensol marketplace or on major NFT exchanges. The developers will periodically release limited edition NFTs to provide collectors and gamers with long-term value.

    Meanwhile, players can also group together in guilds and stake NSOL tokens to occupy land or fight for rare NFTs. Guild members share their earnings from land income, moreover, they can raid other territories earned by other guilds. This allows players to build a virtual land NFT empire.

    The NFT Gaming space has shown plenty of promise recently. Axie Infinity, the leading NFT metaverse game, generated $3 billion in NFT sales in 2021 with over 2 million daily active users. Similarly, there are more than $300 million NFT metaverse plots sold in December 2021 alone.

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