• Solana NFT platform Metaplex plans to grow its ecosystem

  • Solana has launched a new organization for NFT called Metaplex Studios, and recently announced the appointment of Adam Jeffries as CEO, along with a number of strategic advisors, including Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares.Metaplex is an open source platform for building NFT storefronts and custom NFT collectibles for display.

    There are already a number of large-scale community projects on Metaplex, such as Audius, Aurory, Contrastive, Degen Ape Academy, and Phantom Wallet.The newly formed advisory body will help guide the development of the platform and facilitate the development of the Metaplex protocol community.

    “NFTs offers a very unique opportunity for millions of artists, makers and creators around the world,” said Adam Jeffries, CEO of Metaplex Studios.” For the first time, they will be empowered to take ownership of their content, how it is distributed, and how they are compensated. This value proposition has already attracted more than 500 producers who want to launch the NFT marketplace on Metaplex, and we are thrilled to be the bridge to bring original, never-before-seen content to the metaverse.”

    To date, the Metaplex protocol has delivered over $385 million in transactions for NFT sales, with over 1,800 developer teams building on the Metaplex protocol since its launch.Will Solana become a new competitor to Ether?NFT users are already familiar with the issues facing the Ether blockchain, such as severe congestion and transaction fees, yet, for now, it remains the most popular blockchain.

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