• Solana Will Overtake Ethereum in Web3 Gaming, Paradox Studios Founder Says

  • Solana will Overtake Ethereum in Web3 Gaming.

    Following massive efforts being launched towards the growth and enhancement of play-to-earn (P2E) games by popular blockchain, Solana, CEO of a UK-based game development studio, said the network would overtake Ethereum this year in blockchain gaming.

    Why Developers are Choosing Solana Over Ethereum

    AmioTalio, CEO and founder of Paradox Studios, noted in a press release today that Solana has been in constant development behind the scenes to lure P2E game developers into launching their games on the network.

    According to AmioTalio, while building his own P2E game, he met with several developers who told him how easier it is to use Solana’s Rust platform in game development than Ethereum’s Solidity language.

    These developers seem happy and are eager to launch their games on Solana, choosing the network over Ethereum, AmioTalio said.

    Another reason why AmioTalio believes Solana will overtake Ethereum in P2E gaming is the former’s commitment to providing necessary funding for Web3 games.

    It is worth noting that over the last two years, Solana has invested a whopping $400 million in a bid to boost Web3 gaming.

    “Solana will leave Ethereum in the dust this year when it comes to gaming. They now have a huge list of games looking to launch this year on Solana, which will take them into the lead position in this area, in my opinion,” AmioTalio said.

    Solana Eyes Lead Position for Blockchain Gaming

    In recent times, P2E games are becoming increasingly popular, with the industry tipping to skyrocket in value in the coming days.

    Since the first video games emerged in the 1970s, video games have come a long way, with the industry tipping to surge over $180 billion in annual revenue as of last year.

    With these optimistic predictions, Solana does not want to be left out of the P2E craze, as the network has made significant efforts toward making its blockchain the favorite launchpad for developers.

    Last year, Solana launched a $150 million fund for the sole purpose of investing in Web3 games. The network has also made game building easier for developers. With unrivaled speed and low transaction costs, Solana looks set to take Web 3 gaming by storm.

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