• SolAnts to debut revolutionary Eusocial DAO with Solana

  • Do you want to be a key member of a hard-working Anthill? If so, now is the time to get your digital wallet ready for SolAnts – one of the most anticipated launches of the year. Thanks to its unique Anthill DAO and impressive design, this collection is one of a kind, so let’s find out!

    What is SolAnts?

    SolAnts is a Solana-based NFT project that is one of a kind. The first collection to be released this season includes 4,000 SolAnts avatar-style NFTs of colorful, hard-working ants. Impressively, the collection is made up of over 200 features created with inspiration from 20 famous characters. From Naruto to Bob Marley and even Santa Claus, these NFTs have it all.

    These NFTs are divided into four different grades based on their ear type and body color. Notably, 10% of each class will be made up of Super Ants – rare NFTs that will have exquisite colors and styles.

    Each of these classes will have its own community and a so-called sub-colony. As such, there will also be four leaders, and each group can decide on different project releases, partnerships, tournaments, etc.

    Once you become a holder, you can choose how you want to be involved in the development of the project. From investors to developers and content creators, everyone can contribute to the development of the ant class they belong to. Of course, if one class has a problem, other project members are always available to help.

    This impressive concept is inspired by real-life anthills. in fact, that’s exactly what the SolAnts DAO is called – it goes far beyond the NFT project DAO.

    How does Anthill work?

    Essentially, the Anthill DAO is a revolutionary way of organizing social communities. divided into four classes, each with its own sub-colony, Anthill allows each NFT holder to be an important part of the project’s development.

    Once you become a SolAnts owner, you can decide how you will contribute to your own sub-colony. You can become a manager, promoter, designer, investor, or any other position you are good at.

    Meanwhile, SolAnts admins will handle the Anthill infrastructure, share resources for all four classes, and become angel investors in the project.

    Thanks to this revolutionary system, each sub-colony will be able to create its own projects under the SolAnts umbrella. In the long run, this will allow for a much faster expansion of projects while increasing the value of the collection.

    Indeed, this is the core goal of SolAnts’ founders.

    “We strive to create the most efficient & productive DAO with a complex role delineation system,” they say.

    While Anthill DAO started with Solana, it will soon expand to other popular platforms as well. From Tezos to Cardano and Ethereum, sub-colonies will be everywhere, working tirelessly to grow the project in unique ways. But wait – this is just the beginning!

    Project roadmap and launch date

    Accordingly, the initial launch of SolAnts will take place at the end of 2021 on the project’s official website. These 4,000 NFTs, with over 200 features, will belong to four classes.

    Once the initial sale is over, all SolAnts avatars will also be available for sale on the secondary Solana marketplace. This will include Alpha.art, Solanart, Magic Eden, and more. Notably, the team will be using some of the minting funds to further stimulate secondary sales.

    As for 2022, the project will establish Anthill DAO, as well as its sub-colonies. By that point, each NFT holder will have to choose their role in the class and launch the upcoming Solana unicorn. In the meantime, the project administrator will allocate funds and other resources for the development of the DAO.

    Next, Anthill will expand to other major networks as multi-chain Ants will collaborate to take SolAnts to the next level.

    This ambitious roadmap, combined with its unique eusocial DAO and great design, will likely turn SolAnts into the next big hit in the NFT market.

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