• SoldiersLand NFT game ends pre-orders, SLD listed on PancakeSwap, teases own blockchain launch

  • SoldiersLand, an NFT-centric battleground for tokenomics based on the native token SLD, shared an amazing update on its development progress.

    Pre-sale ends, SLD explodes on PancakeSwap

    SoldiersLand (SLD), a battlefield meta-universe that allows its users to earn revenue by participating in PVP battles and tournaments, shares the results of its latest funding round.

    According to an announcement from the deal’s team, the pre-sales phase of fundraising has successfully closed. With the pre-sale goal reached, the platform moves on to the next phase of the token sale, which is a listing on a decentralized exchange.

    Since the SLD tokens are issued on the mainstream smart contract environment Binance Smart Chain or BSC, SoldiersLand decided to start its listing campaign on the largest BSC-based DEX, PancakeSwap (CAKE).

    SLD tokens can now be purchased on PancakeSwap (CAKE) with Binance’s local token, Binance Coin (BNB).

    SoldiersLand’s native blockchain release is imminent

    Also, at a recent “ask me anything” meeting with key officials at SoldiersLand (SLD), its marketing manager made a surprising statement.

    According to him, SoldiersLand has outgrown the Binance smartchain because of its resource inefficiency and high fees. Therefore, switching to its own blockchain was a natural solution for SoldiersLand.

    Since Binance Smart Chain and other networks have some limitations like fees, scalability, transaction confirmations etc., our development team started research and development to launch SoldiersLand network and run the game on its blockchain.

    Its own blockchain will drive SoldiersLand’s progress over the next month. The second iteration of the game will be released on a brand new platform, as its official emphasis.

    SoldiersLand has already accomplished tremendous growth in recent weeks. According to the high-profile dashboard PlaytoEarn.net, it ranks in the top three of all blockchain-based games.

    SLD tokens are a building block of the product’s tokenomics.SLD equity is required to qualify for challenges, tournaments, and battles in SoldiersLand. It is also a must for game enthusiasts willing to acquire new soldiers and advanced equipment.

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