• Someone Sent A CryptoPunks NFT To The Ukrainian ETH Address

  • On March 2nd, Ukraine had officially joined the list of CryptoPunks NFT holders via a collector’s donation. Accordingly, one of the country’s digital wallets received CryptoPunk #5364 from an anonymous user.

    In fact, the asset comes as Ukraine surpasses a total of $33M in crypto donations within a matter of days.

    Ukraine is now holding a CryptoPunks NFT

    Over the past few days, Ukraine’s official wallet addresses have been flooded with donations. While most transactions involved BTC, Ether, and TRON, one donation stood out from the crowd: a CryptoPunks NFT.

    Looking into the transactions history, we could see the asset was purchased for 16.19 ETH on February 21, 2021. However, considering the collection’s current floor price of 68.9 ETH, it is likely very valuable today.

    In fact, Punk #5364 also has several rare traits that further increase its value. Only 5% of CryptoPunks NFTs feature a Bandana or Classic Shades. Meanwhile, just 10% of all collectibles include a cigarette.

    In short, the trait combo makes for a one-of-its-kind CryptoPunks NFT, now owned by Ukraine.

    Crypto donations keep coming for Ukraine

    At this moment, Ukraine has already raised over $33 million in crypto donations. Of course, the CryptoPunks NFT isn’t the only surprising donation Ukraine has recently received.

    For example, Web3 pioneer and Ethereum coder Gavin Wood donated $5 million in the form of $DOT.

    The entrepreneur promised to offer the sum if Ukraine would create a wallet address on Polkadot. This is Wood’s latest Web3 project centered around the $DOT token.

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