• Somnium Space’s land supply brings Solana into the fold

  • Revolutionary metaverse, Somnium Space is gearing up for its latest tertiary land release. It will begin on November 14 and run through December 18. This five-week extravaganza marks the first time they will be listed on the Ether and Solana blockchains.

    Plenty of desirability is up for grabs. For the fledgling virtual real estate mogul, there are plots and estates. For the universe builder, there are Somnium worlds, and for the collector, there are avatars and vehicles on offer. In addition, special Genesis Edition Admix items will allow residents of Somnium space to monetize their properties by providing non-intrusive advertising solutions for plots.

    As previously mentioned, items will be offered on Ether and Solana in a standard auction format, with the highest bidder winning. The Ether-based auctions will take place on OpenSea and require payment in USD ETH via the MetaMask wallet. Alternatively, the Solana project will arrive on Holaplex, utilizing $SOL currency and connecting to Phantom.

    Somnium Space has recently diversified its platform so as to allow interaction with Solana NFTs, and a number of further cross-chain solutions will be coming to the platform in the coming months. By using these new proof-of-stake blockchains, participants in the Somnium Space ecosystem can enjoy all the existing benefits, but with faster transactions and significantly lower gas fees.

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