• Sonu Nigam to release first Indian music NFT

  • Famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam will soon release the first NFT in Indian music industry.Sonu Nigam’s NFT comes after the legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan’s huge success through NFT.

    After partnering with digital entertainment company JetSynthesys, Sonu Nigam’s NFT release will cover a range of content. “The NFT series will include Nigam’s single ‘Hall of fame’, an English music video”, said Rajan Navani, VC and MD of the company.

    It will also include a bunch of pictures from Sonu’s diary where he has handwritten the lyrics of his songs. According to Navani, the price drop will have two different phases. One phase will have a price level of $10 per NFT to make it available to everyone. And the other phase will be exclusive as it requires a higher price.

    The singer also chose some rare pictures from his career depicting his journey towards the top of Bollywood. While talking about the cryptocurrency regulations in the country, this NFT offering is another hope for less stringent regulations.

    “I feel fortunate to be able to present this journey through the latest digital art form, the advanced NFT”, the famous singer said. “I believe this is the evolution of the global music industry”, he continued.

    While there is no fixed date for Sonu Nigam’s NFT drop, it seems that JetSynthesys, the official Indian partner of Warner Music Group, is not planning to sleep on it as the company has hinted at multiple other celebrity collaborations.

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