• Sony x Theta Labs 3D NFT Drop Sold Out In 30 seconds

  • Sony and Theta Labs’ Tiki Guy NFTs have sold out in under 30 seconds last Friday. This strong result shows that, despite the bear market, innovative projects with utility can succeed even during this difficult period.

    About the Tiki Guy 3D NFT Drop

    Sony and Theta Labs managed to sell 500 limited edition Tiki Guy NFTs, as well as 10 NFTs that could be redeemed for Sony’s SRD. To promote this NFT, the blockchain-powered video streaming company included a 3D viewing feature on ThetaDrop. This enabled potential buyers to check out what the NFT would look like on Sony’s Spatial Reality Display.

    According to Mitch Liu, CEO and co-founder of Theta Labs: “The unprecedented success of Sony’s 3D NFTs paves the way to an exciting Web3 and Metaverse future powered by Theta’s Metachain.”

    Liu continued: “Innovation in digital collectibles and utility NFTs secured by digital rights management are key to unlocking tremendous value. Sony’s Spatial Reality Displays look increasingly three-dimensional and holographic. We’re looking forward to bringing greater brand content to the market.”

    A successful chapter for Theta Labs

    The Sony and Theta Labs collaboration ushers in an exciting quarter for the latter. This is because the blockchain-powered video streaming company will launch their Mainnet 4.0, also known as Metachain, later this year. This chain will meet the needs of media companies and metaverses that want to move to a more decentralized model.

    Additionally, a few days ago, Theta Labs also announced a partnership with Resorts World Las Vegas (RWLV). This collaboration will feature the first-ever composite NFTs.

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