• Spiderman Joins the Marvel Mightys NFT Collection on VeVe

  • Marvel Mightys is back for its fifth series on the VeVe Digital Collectibles App and this time, Spider-Man takes center stage! The Collection features the Amazing Spider-Man, some of his greatest friends, and his deadliest foes.

    Marvel Mightys is a line of Super-D figures that adds a new spin to some of Marvel’s most iconic Super Heroes. The Collection made its exclusive debut on the app last August 2021, featuring Captain America. Since then, Marvel Entertainment has been steadily releasing officially licensed NFT digital collectibles on VeVe.

    Marvel Mightys Presents Spider-Man

    Of course, it is science genius Peter Parker who swings above it all as Spider-Man! Armed with spider-like powers, the costumed champion of the innocent lives by his credo; “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!” Marvel and VeVe released 14,999 Editions of this NFT available for $13.00 each just like earlier releases.

    Gwen Stacy is also part of the line-up. She is portrayed as the famous wall-crawler on Earth-65, an alternate universe where she’s bitten by the infamous radioactive arachnid instead of Peter Parker. It has the same supply, price and COMMON rarity as the Spiderman NFTs.

    Now, let’s move on to Spider-woman with UNCOMMON rarity. According to the lore, a special spider-derived serum physically enhanced her. Then, Jessica Drew chose to take her life into her own hands and became the Spider-Woman. It is also priced at $13 each but the supply is only 8,888 NFTs. Meanwhile, Black Cat and Green Goblin characters fall under RARE and ULTRA RARE categories, respectively.

    The crown jewel of the Collection is Spiderman 2099, with a SECRET RARE tag. So who exactly is this character? According to the PR, Miguel O’Hara’s DNA becomes spliced with spider genes after an experiment was sabotaged. Now 50% spider, Miguel fights crime as Spider-Man 2099. Like the rest, it is available for $13 but the supply is only 2099!

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