• Splinterlands reaches 100,000 daily users, expects 1 million by year-end

  • The Splinterlands platform recently reached the milestone of 100,000 daily users.

    The platform gets an average of 4 million transactions per day.

    The CEO says they are on track to reach 1 million cardholders by the end of the year.

    Splinterlands – the play-and-earn NFT trading card game says the platform already has more than 100,000 daily users. This compares to just 14,000 daily players on the platform last month.

    This marks a staggering rate of growth, with players on the platform increasing by nine times in just one month. Another shocking fact is that Splinterlands has an average daily transaction volume of 4 million. This surpasses Ether’s daily transaction volume of 1 million.

    The game is known for its fascinating game-making options. One of the features is that players can assign organic and real value to their game items. Players on the platform earn an average of over $30,000 per day by simply renting out their cards.

    Splinterlands co-founder and CEO Dr. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich described the game’s growth as “ridiculous.” According to Reich, the program is “on track to achieve 1 million card owners by the end of this year.”

    He also mentioned that the growth is parabolic and appears to be increasing rapidly.

    It’s been a wild ride since we launched Splintershard governance tokens and we are doing everything we can to grow as an organization as the game grows.Jesse Reich, CEO, Splinterlands

    To highlight, nearly $250,000 per day from Splinterlands P2P marketplace sales. With this ability to get real value, Splinterlands is becoming a great option for players who want to earn real world money by playing games.

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