• Splinterlands NFT Card Game Daily User Metrics Soar 2.5x in 30 Days

  • Splinterlands, an “earn while you play” GameFi environment, has completed a new milestone: it has surpassed the 260,000 daily active players level. What’s next?

    Reaching 10x daily players in 60 days. splinterlands GameFi is on fire!

    The novel GameFi ecosystem, Splinterlands, which integrates non-forgeable tokens (NFTs) as game cards, has surpassed the 260,000 players per day milestone.

    According to DappRadar, a leading dApps and DeFi analytics platform, Splinterlands is currently the most played decentralized game in the world.

    According to estimates from the Splinterlands team, Splinterlands’ user base has risen dramatically in the past two months. Over the past 30 days, the daily player metric has seen a net increase of over 2.5x. In the last two months, the user base has spiked nearly 10x.

    In Q4 2021, over 50% of Splinterlands users purchased an upgrade to the Summoner’s Spellbook, enabling Splinterlands players to permanently own their cards and earn in-game rewards.

    Splinterlands offers Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) rewards to players

    Splinterlands representatives are excited about the surge of interest in their product and its latest key upgrades. A large and growing passionate community continues to be a focus for the team.

    Building our community of 800,000 registered accounts and 400,000 spellbooks has been a special journey. We keep eating, sleeping, breathing Splinterlands and constantly thinking about how we can help our community. This is what making money from Splinterlands games is all about, and I’m proud and happy for our ecosystem because we’re on fire and brothers are clamoring to join.

    Splinterlands offers a comprehensive gaming experience to its customers: within the same app, users can play cards and make money through trading. In addition, players can compete for a share of the reward pool.

    The reward pool supports Splinterlands’ local cryptocurrency token, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).

    In addition, users can earn high-value NFTs that prove to be scarce from daily quests and bi-weekly rewards events.

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