• Splinterlands’ NFT Collection Gets Sold Out in 30 Seconds

  • Splinterlands, in collaboration with Loak and Waka Flocka Flame, has sold out their unique NFT collection in only 30 seconds. The blockchain game’s collaboration with the wearable NFT hub and rapper boasts extra utility outside the game.

    The Waka Flocka NFT will have two main functions: as a playable summoner card in Splinterlands and as wearable NFTs within Snapchat’s AR filters. The NFTs come in regular and “gold” versions.

    The playable summoner card – called Waka Spiritblade – will be a legendary 3-cost death summoner with the poison ability. The ability will be applied to all the user’s monsters on the field. As a result, it will provide them a 50% chance to inflict poison on enemy monsters on hit. The Waka Flocka NFTs that are sold will all be on max level.

    Splinterlands Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich shared his excitement in collaborating with Loak and Waka Flocka Flame.

    NFTs hold the promise of ‘true digital ownership’ and a big part of that is for in-game assets purchased by players to have value and be sold outside the game. This is just one of the first examples of the promising future that will radically change the value proposition for gamers.

    Meanwhile, Loak Founder and CEO Jacob Safar expressed the partnership to be a pivotal step for Loak to enter the Play-to-Earn ecosystem. Safar looks forward to the opportunities the ecosystem holds.

    The Waka Flocka NFT collection will have a total of 1000 NFT copies available for purchase. The first phase will consist of 500 cards being sold in the Splinterlands’ store– 480 regular foil cards and 20 gold foil cards. During the first phase, the cards will be sold for 5000 SPS and 500 vouchers will have a chance of turning into a gold version upon purchase.

    Now that the first 500 NFTs were sold, the remaining 500 NFTs will be released on the Splinterlands’ AtomicHub storefront.

    The NFT can be transferred to WAX wallets, and when exported will act as a video representing the silver and gold headpiece representing Waka Flocka’s style. The NFT owner can use the piece as a filter on Snapchat stories and posts.

    Waka Flocka is a known NFT supporter who has previously partnered with projects such as Satoshi Art and Loak.

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