• Spotify Are Hiring Web3 Specialists And May Be Incorporating NFTs

  • Spotify reportedly plans to add NFTs and blockchain technologies to its streaming services! Two recent job ads show Spotify is hiring people to work on early-stage projects connected to the Web3.

    The job vacancy post fueled excitement in the crypto and music industries. The Swedish-American audio streaming platform might NFTs to boost artists’ earnings.

    Spotify is one of the most recent tech giants that ventured into NFTs. Just this week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that he’d turn Instagram into an NFT marketplace. Other social media companies, including Twitter, are also working on features that let users display or trade NFTs.

    Many in the crypto community believe there are several new applications for NFTs when it comes to music. For instance, selling digital albums or using NFTs to unlock perks at gigs. Also, NFTs for merchandise or backstage passes.

    Musicians such as DJ Steve Aoki and rapper Snoop Dogg are already prominent NFT collectors. Major labels Warner and Universal also partnered with NFT projects like BAYC.

    Spotify’s recruitment seems it’s still in the exploratory stage. It pointed to Web3 skills in its job opening for a senior backend engineer on its experimental growth team. The ad said, “This small and full-stack team is responsible for driving growth through new technologies, like Web3.”

    A separate Spotify vacancy notice shows it’s looking for a manager in its “Innovation and Market Intelligence” group. The candidate needs experience in “content, creator, media, web3, and emerging technology industries”.

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