• Spotify Metaverse Jobs: The Music Service Is Hiring Web3 Engineers Now

  • The Swedish-American audio streaming platform Spotify has just announced a vacancy for a Web3-focused senior back-end engineer. This all points towards a Spotify master plan to participate in the metaverse.

    According to the vacancy description, the streaming giant is still in the early days of its Web3 investment. “The team, within the Edison/DICE product area, is responsible for driving growth through new technologies, like Web3,” says the advert.

    The successful applicant will be collaborating with Spotify’s product, insights, and design departments. They’ll be focusing on uncovering the next growth opportunity leveraging new technologies, including Web3. In addition to this role, the Spotify team expressed interest in hiring a senior manager in innovation and market intelligence familiar with emerging trends, especially those related to Web3.

    Undoubtedly, Spotify is thinking about how to innovate with Web3. The streaming platform has a history of trying to get involved in crypto and blockchain. In 2017, it acquired blockchain startup Mediachain Labs. What’s more – in 2020, the company posted a job covering payments strategy and innovation, with an emphasis on blockchain and crypto.

    Another key point is that some of Spotify’s biggest artists, including Travis Scott, Marshmello and Justin Bieber have already used other platforms to perform in the metaverse. Moreover, Spotify shareholders Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group have already invested in the metaverse.

    Spotify is trying to catch up with competitors that have already announced their Web3 plans. YouTube is currently hiring for a Web3 directly, while Twitter introduced NFT profile pictures. More importantly, Web3 streaming services like Myx are emerging as Spotify’s direct competitors.

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