• Spring Debuts a New NFT Mint-on-Demand Tool With Bondly

  • Creator platform Spring is set to become the largest NFT creation platform after launching their Mint-on-Demand tool designed by Animoca-acquired Bondly. This simple NFT creation tool will therefore benefit 8.5 million users already on Spring.

    Spring aims to simplify NFT creation. With Mint-on-Demand, there are no upfront costs, no requirement for a crypto wallet, no unnecessary minting or gas fees. As a result, Spring and Bondly are democratizing the NFT space and opening it up to all types of creators.

    By partnering with Bondly, Spring creators can simultaneously use Spring’s industry-defining design and creation tools to create; as well as Bondly’s ability to mint and own the environmentally friendly Polygon blockchain.

    A powerful tool for creators

    With the launch of this new tool, Spring aims to attract creators of all sizes. Creators can build new communities and strengthen existing ones through the unique interaction the digital collectable space offers.

    Spring’s Creative Director, Jared Fowler, stated: “From a fan value perspective, we see tens of thousands of fans every day supporting creators by purchasing physical products and flexing their new wares on social media.”

    He continued, “We feel this perfectly translates to digital collectables; and the digital flex will become more of a thing in the near future. Collectibility is also a key component here – early adopters and super fans of a creator can show their support by collecting NFTs.”

    Undoubtedly, these tools empower content creators to express their creativity and generate income through NFTs. Recently, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has officially confirmed that YouTube is exploring NFT integration. Without a doubt, we will see that in the coming months, more and more content creation platforms will seek to blur the boundaries between traditional content creation and the NFT space.

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