• Steve Aoki and Todd McFarlane to Launch NFT Marketplace

  • Award-winning DJ and producer Aoki joins comic McFarlane to announce the collaboration and upcoming launch of NFT Marketplace.

    McFarlane will be auctioning off some of his original artwork for the first time this century, starting with Spawn NFTs.

    The marketplace, dubbed “OddKey,” will run on Metaplex, an on-chain protocol for buying and auctioning digital collectibles on the Solana blockchain.

    Grammy-nominated DJ Steve Aoki and comic book artist Todd McFarlane announced the launch of a non-fakeable token (NFT) marketplace on Tuesday.Aoki told us in an interview that the marketplace, dubbed “OddKey,” is “designed to enable creators to showcase and sell certified digital art.”

    “A lot of people ask [me], ‘Hey, what advice can you give a young musician or artist to make their music stand out?’ There’s so much music out here, like how can I stand out?” Aoki said.” [And] that’s the whole point of having this marketplace. [That] artists can now fit into the world of Todd McFarlane and Steve Aoki. Here’s a place where you can actually interact with other artists and creators [on the same starting line].”

    McFarlane, who has created one of the highest selling comic books in history, will be in the market to auction off Spawn’s original artwork as NFT in the near future.

    “It’s not about Steve Aoki and Todd [though],” McFarlane told us.” The biggest win here is that we’re opening this up to other creators and giving them the exact same opportunity that we have for ourselves.”

    “Steve Aoki and I totally agree that we know we succeeded when we became irrelevant to our [market]. Todd had a good run, but they’re old guys, right?” McFarlane said.” That’s a win.”

    The amazing Spider-Man artist added that if fans “have any hope of owning any Spawn artwork or any of [his] artwork [after] 1992, you’re going to have to come here.”

    In addition to OddKey, Aoki has been a major investor in NFT for over a year, first selling his first NFT series, “Dream Catcher,” for $4.25 million on Nifty Gateway.

    Aoki predicts, “There is no doubt that we are moving to a digital economy. We’re moving from cash to cashless. Fewer and fewer people want [physical] things.”

    “When you look at future generations, kids from [age] 10 to 20 [are] living in their own meta-universe right now. They’re playing Fortnite and Call of Duty. It’s normal enough for them to spend money in those places,” he said.” That’s basically what [happens] when they buy skins for the game. They’d rather spend that $20 on something they’re going to wear in Fortnite than spend $20 on a T-shirt they’re going to wear to school.”

    OddKey will be powered by Metaplex, an on-chain protocol for buying and auctioning digital collectibles on the Solana blockchain.

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